Gatekeeping In Horror - Access Horror film festival 2023

The Horror Community is increasingly difficult to define, with numerous subgenres and movements attracting very different fanbases. With so many gates to open, who has the keys?
Panelists: Brea Grant, Rabia Sitabi, Addison Heimann, Isabella Vargas
Moderator: Ariel Baska
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Accessibility: This pre-recorded virtual panel will include closed captions and ASL interpretation streaming on Eventive. Panels will include audio self-descriptions from participants.
[Image Description: Four boxes with images of Brea Grant, a 41-year-old blonde white woman in red lipstick on a blue background in a striped shirt; Rabia Sitabi, a black and white photograph of a dark-skinned woman of Asian and African descent with long dark hair and glasses in front of a window, looking into the middle distance; Addison Heimann, a mid-thirties light skinned man wearing a bomber jacket and a blue sweater. A mustache is prominent on the face and he has swoopy hair; and Ariel Baska, a white woman with blonde hair and glasses, wearing a green and black sweater, looking off to the side, while a mannequin hand rests on her shoulder in front of a bookcase swathed in pink light.]