Impact: Asian, African and Arab icons, ideas & inspirations

Sep 20, 2017
Concept developed and event moderated by Rabia Sitabi
20 september 2017
In the first edition of this new ‘Impact’ series, we focus on the ways in which Asian art, culture and ideas softly conquer the West. Traditionally, the West is associated with cultural hegemony. But the times are changing and so we ask ourselves: what new and inspiring cultural concepts, practices and products can Asia offer us?
Asia is the ultimate soft power, with the increasing influence of Korean pop-culture (called the Korean Wave) and the popularity of Bollywood, as well as the acceptance of Manga as a worldwide phenomenon in the past twenty-five years, Asian culture has become an indispensable part of contemporary western daily life. From Kbbq to Ayurvedic turmeric shots, and western adaptations of popular titles like Death Note, Asian influences run deeper than we tend to see on the surface. With Rabia Sitabi we will look deeper into the many ways in which Asian culture enriches the West.
Panel Members:
Rabia Sitabi (Moderator)
Reza Kartosen-Wong (Prof UVA)
Mr Woodcole aka Gabriel Ercicia (Eclectic Asia-minded artist and Agency Director)
Samuel Huebner (Cinemasia, Game-expert, Cinema and Manga specialist)
Nafiesa Rasoelbaks (Pathe, Cinema nerd)
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Review of event by Spui25 Director Barbara Coolen:
I was so happy with our event last week! The enthusiasm of the other participants strengthened my conviction that we can - event by event - build on a community of like minded people of different back grounds who share a willingness to broaden their horizon and share what makes them tick.And guess what, I got an email stating: "Afgelopen woensdag heeft mijn dochter een bijeenkomst bij Spui25 bijgewoond. Ze was enthousiast over het onderwerp, de discussie en het feit dat er zoveel mensen in de zaal zaten met wie ze zich vanwege haar gemengd culturele achtergrond kon identificeren."I can assure you this hardly ever happens.. So even though this was the event of 10 year-anniversary that required the most effort to get a full house, it was one of the most worth while the effort...Thank you so much, not just for the awesome way you moderated the event and gathered this interesting panel of experts, but also for contacting me after the Sam Maggs event and working with me on this.Get in touch soon so we can think of expanding our success.....;)