Intersectional Identities on Film - Access Horror film festival 2023

We talk about women on film, we talk about race on film, we talk about sexuality and gender on film, but we rarely talk about how multiple identities interact within horror representation. This panel will address this need, and go beyond discussion of one specific identity, to talk about how intersectionality plays out on film.
Panelists: Nasreen Alkhateeb, Mattie Do, PHZ-SICKS, Lakkaya Palmer
Moderator: Rabia Sitabi
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Accessibility: Pre-recorded virtual panels will include closed captions and ASL interpretation streaming on Eventive. Both virtual and pre-recorded panels will include audio self-descriptions from participants.
[Image Description:five boxes with images of Nasreen Alkhateeb, a multi-heritage woman with long curly locks looks directly into camera. A blue light shines over her left shoulder; PHZ-SICKS, a black man with a beard, rose gold necklace and dark tinted glasses wearing a black hat and tan long sleeve shirt standing in front of a blue, orange, and purple floral pattern wall; Mattie Do, a Lao woman with an undercut and an elegant metal necklace, holds her beloved dog, Saoirse; Lakkaya Palmer poses for a postgraduate headshot image at University College London; and a black and white photograph of a Rabia Sitabi, a dark-skinned woman of Asian and African descent with long dark hair and glasses in front of a window, looking into the middle distance.]